New Braunfels Limo

New Braunfels Limo Service

New Braunfels Limo Service has an awesome fleet. Choose a luxury Stretch Lincoln for your Business Meeting, or to impress a client. We took one of their limos to the river party once! We went tubing, it was great.

How about a jaw dropping 50 ft Hummer with a full bar, and premium Led Flat Screen Tv’s

Or Roll up with your entourage in your very own Party Bus with booming bass and high hitting treble sounds from the 800 watt stereo system. Its bluetooth, so you can stream direct from your device. Oh, and its wifi equipped!  whaaa? Yep

Or, if you are in the mood to bust out in style and you are in the San Marcos Texas area, then use these guys. They will roll with your massive group of groupies!

San Marcos Party Bus

This is serious business. Imagine, taking a trip up to 6th street in austin texas for club hoppin in a 25 passenger party bus.

Lights, Pounding system, Your own chauffeur. Check check check.


Its on!

The Original Hummer

The original Hummer

Remember way back when like back in the day when the hummer was only used in the military. Do you have any idea how it came about that hummer began to sell to the public.

It was the good old terminator Yep the X governor of California Yep Arnold Schwarzenegger. He just kept bugging a.m. general he made repeated call after call after letter until finally they sold him one.

But he wasn’t happy with just one, home slice wanted I half-dozen so we convince them to go ahead and mass-market them that daddy’s. And I mean fat daddies those things are almost twice as wide as a Volkswagen beetle. Well shortly after that a.m. general sold the Hummer line to General Motors.

And after a few short years General Motors continue to make the hummer smaller and smaller until well today they’re barely bigger than Volkswagen beetle. What a Flippin rip off where is Schwarzenegger when you need him we need the big fat daddies back.

18 wheelers

So why do they call these things 18 wheelers?

I mean they don’t have 18 wheels. I remember the first time I figure that out, I was like 12 years old. We’re going down the highway and I just start counting wheels and I’m like, what a rip off!

So then I started counting every big rigs tires and lo and behold some of them do actually have 18 wheels man I feel better.

Cool and Unique Vehicles


When looking to buy a vehicle to transport themselves and their family, most people don’t look for anything particularly exotic. Even when one is purchasing a car mostly based on appearance, it’s usually within certain norms and standards accepted by society. But the automotive world is full of very strange rides that most people have never seen or even heard of. Here you can learn about some of the cool and unique vehicles to ride in for those bored of the standard.

One of the vehicles on our list that will get heads turning is the world’s longest limousine. Referred to as a super stretch limousine, it stands at over 100 feet tall and because of its length has two driver’s cabins to help with driving in reverse, one in the front and one in the back. Some of its extravagant features include a jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool and some beds for the passengers looking to rest.

Amusingly, the super stretch limousine might turn out to be the most normal vehicle on our list. During the annual Lego World event in Holland, a special Ferrari F1 vehicle was presented, shocking the people in attendance. It’s made entirely from Lego blocks, reportedly over 80,000 of them, and its manufacturers swear it’s fully driveable – however, you likely won’t find it at your local car dealership.




An even stranger vehicle is something referred to as The Dream Car 123. It looks like something UFO conspiracists might tell you they’ve seen in the sky on a sunny day, having the shape of a pyramid with wheels concealed under its unique hull and a golden motif surrounding the vehicle. As it runs on electricity, the person behind this strange contraption, Greg Zanis, also built a solar garage to charge it. Charging it for about 3 hours allows one to traverse up to 240 miles, albeit at a fairly low velocity.

The next entry is a contrast between the world’s smallest and largest cars. The smallest is a three-wheeled micro car called the Peel P50. Put up for display back in 2009, it has room for only one person and, as it is only 134cm long and 99cm wide, it likely can’t accomodate those of larger-than-average stature. Compare it with the world’s largest monster truck, called the BIGFOOT #5. Built by the Chandler family from St Louis, Missouri, its original purpose was handling four enormous Firestone Tundra tires. The 10 foot tall tires sitting beneath the body of a 1996 Ford F250 pickup came off an Alaskan land train and were also used in previous incarnations of the BIGFOOT vehicles.

Let’s round up the list by mentioning the super sonic Thrust SSC car. Built in the 90s, it still holds the record for achieving the world’s fastest land speed, reaching 763 mph while breaking the sound barrier in the Nevada desert. Its design is more reminiscent of an airplane than of any land vehicle known to man. You likely won’t be able to actually ride most of the vehicles on our list, as they mostly sit on display in various museums, but with the right connections or with the right amount of money, you might be allowed to take one of these for a spin!



How to Hail a Weird Austin Taxi

austin taxi co


Austin Taxi Hailing has never been easier with

You can now visit the site, from your smartphone, and it will locate the closest cab to you with the lowest fare, and send it your way.

Simply go to, click the call us button, and the system does everything else. In microseconds, it will geo-locate you and then forward the call to the appropriate cab co!  This all happens in the background and almost instantly.